Saturday, February 17, 2007

It is Official

I believe I have garnered the award for Most Puking in One Year.

If you recall, I started out 2006 with the stomach flu. Then in February I became pregnant with Little Miss M, and for 40 weeks threw up on a regular basis (in a port-a-potty no less). Well, for my 10th wedding anniversary I kept the good times a coming, and my streak has yet to end.

Wednesday LP and I decided that instead of spending mucho $$ on a stupid dinner where we'd have to wait for hours, we'd just go to a local Chinese buffet with the kids.

Where else can you get sushi for $7.95?

Red flag right there, right? Like, hello, I should have totally thought that out before eating RAW FISH from a place that advertises the lowest prices in town. Not a good idea on my part.

While we were sitting there, LP and I observed a guy with an Afro the size of my youngest offspring go up to the buffet with a COMB stuck in his hair, 'adjust' the comb, then help himself to some fried rice.

Another red flag here: Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, sit directly in site of the buffet table.

Next we observed a woman head for the buffet.

This woman was plump, and in any other setting I may even say she looked jolly and sweet. She had a knitted hat on, adorned even with the cute little pom poms hanging off the ends.

But she had HAIR.

Lots and lots and lots of orange, frizzy, unkempt HAIR.

And instead of taking her cute little Mrs. Claus hands and moving her mass of locks behind her shoulders, she instead thought it necessary to leave her locks covering her jolly bosom.

Right smack dab into the Egg Drop Soup.

So it really isn't a big surprise at all to me that about an hour later I was hurling my sushi roll into the toilet. Again. I spent my f**king 10 year anniversary curled up in a ball in my bathroom, puking my guts out.

And then it occurred to me.

I was doing this EXACT same thing 10 years ago to the day!



The Kept Woman said...

I'm cracking up...WITH you of course.

LOL about the $7.95 for sushi being a red flag.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

This just isn't right. Just don't eat for a month or so, and everything will turn out fine.

Amy said...

Oh honey. Sorry about all that!

But I so enjoyed getting to see you in your pennys dress. I missed that post the first time around.

How flippin cute were you?

dashababy said...

Happy Anniversary late. I'm sorry you did not feel well. I got some sushi at the grocery store,,,yeah yeah, I know, and it made me feel a little oogey too but no throw ups.
The baby is absolutely adorable! My grandbaby will be born in a few weeks we are hoping.
I hope you had a wonderful time in Vegas and have a nice time at the Police concert. But 200$???!!! That should be a crime right there.
Take care Jana.

Odd Mix said...

Ooooo. Sorry about the puking - some traditions should be broken, you know.