Friday, February 09, 2007

Never gonna keep up

Why do I feel so guilty when I haven't blogged? Ahh yes, my Catholic upbringing. Gotta love the guilt.

Yesterday I RAN 2 miles for the first time in over a year. Yes it almost took me 25 minutes but who cares. I ran. It felt SO liberating. For some reason I was under the assumption that my gym only took babies after one year old, but I called and they said "six weeks". Damn, so I could have been running my buns off on a treadmill for over a month now? Oh well. Better late than never. It felt so goooooooooood. I have to get back into shape to run the Susan Komen Race for the Cure in June, it's a tradition, and last year was my first time missing.

Have I mentioned lately how awesome it is to NOT be pregnant? And how annoying it is to hear people say, "Oh, my pregnancies were all very easy." Yeah, well suck it. I read on Klog's blog the other day a quote from Katie Couric, "When you're not dealing with health issues and not feeling terrified every day, you don't appreciate how lucky you are." That is so true. Throwing up every single day and feeling just icky for 9 months (40 weeks) I now appreciate that I don't feel that way anymore and am able to let a lot of things slide right off my shoulders!


I bought my dress to renew my vows in. It is so va-va-va Voom and I love it. You can see it here. Of course I will look exactly like the model wearing it when I wear it. And a few teenage girs were trying on prom dresses when I was and I told them I was going to prom with my much younger boyfriend. One of the girls said, "I didn't doubt it for a second." I love girls with a sense of humor.

I also tried Mystic tanning for the first time last night. Hoo boy. Nobody told me how freaking COLD it was. I had to bite my lower lip to hold in my scream! I didn't wipe my wrists well enough apparently, and I had a throwback to 1987 when Q-T was the rage and my hands turned orange. But I'll get it right next time, and by Vegas I'll look somewhat normal. As normal as I can get, anyway.

Makenna is doing well, she is turning 12 weeks old next week and has finally understood the concept of day=awake, night=sleep. That's a good step, next will be to hold her own bottle, so as to not interrupt my very important game of Mah Jongg. What? You're 3 months old in this house you'd better be able to feed yourself by golly!

Tonight is yet another trivia night. Last time I went to one it was the day before my due date, and I was having labor pains. This time I plan on having some other excuse for not knowing what the name of the first railroad was. Wish me luck!


shellibells said...

My pregnancy was by far "easy" by no means, but I do miss being pregnant, and I've said that since the day I had my daughter. I was tired and sick in the beginning, but the rest not so bad.

Here's to you and your workouts!

Vajana said...

my first two were not bad at all, but for some reason this 3rd one just kicked me in the arse. I cannot imagine feeling that miserable ever again, at least not by choice.

I certainly do love the result though!

kalki said...

Fabulous dress!

CanadianAmy said...

Vajana! Va Va Voom is RIGHT.
You are going to be one fabulous renewlywed!