Monday, January 29, 2007

10 Stinkin' Years

More scannin' y'all...
I had one month to plan this wedding. We wanted to get married on Valentine's Day since that was the day we'd met, and it was Christmas when I got my first ultrasound and LP so romantically said to me, "You have GOT to get on my insurance." Hence the rush to complete the nuptials.

I got my dress off the rack at Penny's, as I wanted an empire waist so not to draw attention to my cute ever-growing belly and look way too close to the video for "Keep Your Hands to Yourself".
We got the rings at a store called "Grandpa's" and the flowers were done by Michael's. I was all class, baby.
We were married in front of about a dozen relatives at LP's grandma's church by Brotha Andy.
*(please note this as it is foreshadowing for a future post/whinefest of mine)
We went to my mom's house afterwards to eat cake, open gifts and toast to our future together.

Then we went out to dinner, had chicken of which I proceeded immediately afterwards to rid myself of by projectile vomiting. Good times!

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Kathy said...

OMG - I got my rings at Grandpa's too. For hubby #2 - Jon. Remember that dork? And, in order to afford them, I had to trade in rings from hubby #1. What a goof I am!!