Tuesday, February 13, 2007

12 Weeks

Well Divine Miss M, today you are 12 weeks old. I would write this next week when you 'officially' turn 3 months old, but my guess is that your momma will be too busy packing away all the trashy linger-ee (what your poppa calls it) for my trip to Vegas. And if that last sentence doesn't tell you how much I need to get away, well, then you're too young to understand.

You have your good days and your bad, just like all of us. Friday you cried pretty much all day long, and I almost lost it and drove the minivan straight off a cliff, but in Illinois a cliff was tough to come by. They don't let you open the windows at the top of the Arch, so that wasn't an option either.

Your smiles absolutely melt my heart. See above for reference.

What's up with the not sleeping during the day at all? I think the longest nap you've had was 20 minutes. I guess that I traded naps for you sleeping through the night, I'll take it!

Yesterday I did something incredibly tragic. You were fussing a bit so I set you in your Bumbo in front of the monitor and put on "Boohbah". You were entranced. They are like Teletubbies on acid, which is almost an oxymoron. Whoops! It was really funny to watch such a young baby be thrilled at weird blobs of goo the way you were though.

I knew having a little baby would be hard, and getting used to a car seat all over again has proved to be challenging, but when I get you dressed in the morning and you are wiggling your little feet and making noises, it reminds me again why I started all this in the first place.


Tomorrow is my 10 year wedding anniversary. I hope I get some sushi!!


The Kept Woman said...

Holy crap.

LOVE the smile!

Happy anniversary and enjoy the raw fish!!

CanadianAmy said...

Oh she is just a honey of an O she is!

Happy Anniversary! Have fun with the sushi and the trashy!