Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Final Countdown!!

Still here...go to the doctor on Thursday though. She said she would 'strip my membranes' to help out...I never had this done before but I'm willing to try. I've heard it hurts like a mother but, I'd like to BE a mother soon so I may just have to do it. I'm quite aware that LABOR itself hurts so we can just assume I'll be in pain sometime during the next week.

I'm gonna go get me a pedicure today.

In the meantime enjoy the Sushi Challenge. I love the fact that the Sushi Chef's name is George.


John said...

My wife had her membranes stripped at least three times. Yes (by all indications available to me as the dad) it hurts. But it did seem to speed things up at least a bit.

Hope all goes well for you.

J Bo said...

Hey you!!! I had my membranes stripped on the 28th and then drove myself the few blocks over to the hospital. It did not hurt. I also had my water broken by the doctor and I giggled the entire time. It was a very strange feeling. Those contractions? Those were the painful things.

Hang in there and enjoy your pedicure! Will you even be able to see your lovely toes? :)

dashababy said...

Today, I can see it. The trick is to scroll down then back up. Weird.
Anyway, no way Jose' on the Sushi challenge, that's way too much food. Funny because today we are going to have sushi for lunch. Our sushi chefs' name is Mark and yes he is Japanese. I always thought that was funny too.
Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how it goes, k?

mrtl said...

Where's the baby, yo?? ;)

Hope you enjoyed your pedi!