Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday would be alright

Happy Feet was cute, but sort of hodge podge. I recommend waiting for the DVD. It was looooong.

We went to a trivia night with some friends last night, I thought I was going into labor but to no avail. I ended up re-visiting the spinach and artichoke dip they served. Yes, it was very disgusting. I highly recommend not doing that to anyone in their 40th week of pregnancy.

So Monday morning I'll be at the hospital, bright and early, to be chemically induced. Just like the other two. No chance of me going into labor and having Zack Morris deliver my baby in an elevator, which, in reality, is how I always envisioned my birth to play out.

Doesn't everyone?


kalki said...

I'll be thinking about you come Monday!! Wooo!

Mama J said...

best of luck to you..... I hope all is well with you and baby.. Post piccs as soon as you can!
Mama J

dashababy said...

Yes, thinking of you and hoping everything comes out just fine ;)

Mrs. Wooden Nickels said...

Good luck!

dashababy said...

I know you are busy but I am sooo anxious to see the baby. Please upload some pics asap!