Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Rug musings

Rug is my 5-year-old. She is so very entertaining. She also has a knack for mispronouncing just about everything, and I can't correct her because it's so darn funny. There are 3 words I cannot, no matter how hard I've tried, to get her to say right:

"Vacation" translates into: "Mom! Remember the fun we had on our buhcation?"

"Supposed" translates into: "You are not apposed to do that."

"Another" of course, translates into: "I don't want to wear this. I want the nother one."

For some reason I imagine her meeting a man when she's older and her telling him, "Sorry, dear, I can't travel with you to Buenes Aires. I'm not apposed to go on nother buhcation."

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