Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I wrote a post last night after my shopping spree (I was coming down off the high) and left it up while cooking dinner...so Aaron read it and inadvertently deleted it. It's alright though--he did the dishes! He is so funny, I guess he thinks he is going to find some amazing revelation about me on my blog. Most likely though he's waiting for me to start complaining about him. Oh give me time!

Well I posted about how I went CRAZY CRAZY and bought a bunch of clothes yesterday for my impending jump back into the workforce. I have my degree in Psychology, and without a Master's it serves me little purpose other than knowing a few things for Trivia Night every now and again. When I quit working in 2000 after Riley was born, I started transcribing focus groups for a university study, and liked it so much I decided to get my certificate to do medical transcription. So I've finished all my classes and am now at the clinical part of the program. I am required to do 80 hours of work in a health facility/hospital setting. And I am required to look 'professional'. So I got that going for me.

For the past 5 years I've been a SAHM for all you computer geeks...that's stay at home Mom. So my professional wardrobe consists of sweats, T-shirts, tennis shoes and skrunchies for my hair. I need some new threads!

So I took the girls shopping with me yesterday to the mall and Lerner had a sale of buy one pair of pants get one 50% off, so that was a good deal to me. I rewarded the girls by taking them to see that aforementioned doggy cute movie, and it certainly lived up to its doggy cuteness.

It was nice to get all those new clothes, but as I sit here typing in my sweats and T-shirt, I am wondering what I'm getting myself into.


nasdoc said...

Thanks for the post. Being a psychologist I know how unprepared an undergrad degree can be for the real world, but good for you going for something you enjoy. You're not going back to work, just changing job locations. As a group of mothers once told me on their t-shirts when I gave a lecture on working and non-working mothers and the effects on kids, "EVERY MOTHER IS A WORKING MOTHER." Couldn't agree more.

Vajana said...

you are right. Do you have your Master's?? I thought about it, long and hard. I decided to take a year off between getting my undergrad and master's and my father said, "Most people who do that never get it." Well, he was right of course, as of right now. I do so want to get it someday, at least to say I have it!

Well, having been a SAHM and whatever they call a 'work out of home mom', I can say that SAHM definitely have an argument, but they still have an awful lot of time on their hands. Like, to start blogs and then read other blogs!!

nasdoc said...

I have a doctorate and no time on my hands, but needed to do something different so decided to start a blog and see where it goes. My wife is also a psychologist but in the schools, so when we argue,we always know what we are really fighting about...haha.

Vajana said...

Doctorate...duh. (sheepishly wishing I'd asked that instead...)
That's great that your wife is a psychologist too, I bet that really DOES make for some interesting arguments. Hilarious! That should be a sitcom!

nasdoc said...

so you've been to my sitcom house....

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