Thursday, February 24, 2005


The sun is shining today so I am happy! I don't mind the cold so much as long as the sun is out. It snowed last night too, so it is very pretty outside.

I hope the sun improves my husband's mood. He is the type that keeps it all bottled up and then BAM for a week he is just tired/sad/overwhelmed/unhappy. He's had a lot of responsibilities put upon him lately (promotion, family issues, etc.) but he will go full speed, solving everyone else's problems and getting things done when he finally just collapses from the stress. I hope he feels better, otherwise I fear he might come home driving a new Corvette or something. When he has a crisis, it doesn't come cheap.

Ah, but I'm sure glad 2004 is over. That story is for another day.

I started a new book, "The Five People you Meet in Heaven". I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I'll probably be done with it today. It's good so far. If you have any book suggestions please feel free to give me some! I'm always looking for new books to immerse myself in.

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