Tuesday, September 23, 2008

where i've been

* Working 80+ hours for this new job...when your computer sits in your house, it's hard to say you won't work. Not like jumping in the car and driving to an office, they KNOW it's right there. So, in a nutshell, my back hurts, my fingers hurt and my head hurts from all the new terms I've been learning. Good times.

* Driving up the River Road with my delicious husband for his birthday and sitting on a deck drinking Blue Moons and watching the sunset. Fantabulous.

* Getting my yearly cups from the Italianfest...each year our city holds this festival where there is a ton of Italian food and beer (ya I know, I hate it too!) and with each beer you get a cup. These are the ONLY cups we drink out of, and I have 10 years' worth in my cabinets. This year was the 25th anniversary however, and the cups had RIDGES. It's like my whole collection of fine china has become upgraded. (oh, and by the way, I 'earned' WAY too many cups this year and spilled one over my friend's super hot brother's back. 'Sokay though, I was giving him a hug at the time and was rubbing up against him, so it was worth it)
* Transcribing cardiac stress/rest tests that make my brain squeal in pain.

* Running! With all this stress I need an outlet, and even though i didn't make my bet with LP, it's OK, because at least I'm still staying healthy.

* Finding a new channel that I like on Sirius, #36, lots of dance music.

* Eating at the hibachi grill again, those onion volcanoes just are the bee's knees.

* Going to a balloon glow before the annual Great Balloon Race in St. Louis. Did you know STL was famous for this? I mean, I knew it happened but I don't think anybody outSIDE of St. Louis does. But they insist it's what we're famous for. You know, not for being the murder capital or for that big silver McDonald's arch-looking thing that towers over the city. WTF? *** Oh, I wanted to post pics, because this balloon thing was so fun, but I can't find the USB cord. Hopefully I will have them soon)

* Watching a LOT of soccer. Guess what I'm doing Friday for my birthday? If you answered getting a pedicure while having a back massage by David Beckham you'd be...really wrong. I'm going to a soccer game.

* Did I mention the working? It's truly kicking my a$$.

* we had our 25th showing last night of the house. That is 25 times I've had to clean the house to Martha Stewart clean. 25 times we've had to go find something to do, and 25 times I've yelled at the kids to pick up after themselves. Still, we are here.

* Collapsed into bed only to not be able to sleep due to LP's incessant snoring.

* Oh and I got an IUD! Is that appropriately listed here? Probably not. It's probably nobody's business either, but I had planned a post actually about taking this birth control pill called Yaz that made my hair fall out. You read that right, it made my HAIR FALL OUT.

* Enjoying the last week where my age will be closer to 30 than it is 40. :(

So that's it. It doesn't get any more exciting than that either, so breaking this up into separate posts would have only put you to sleep faster, so good day. Enjoy your nap.

Hope all is well, and as soon as I find that cord I will post pictures.

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