Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This weekend was SO much better than the last. Granted I worked every single day (yes, transcriptionists work on Labor Day. It's Labor. we work. in our jammies though) but the weather was beautiful and LP and I even got to go on a drive in the convertible. Wish we could have gone floating, we have not done that in 4 years and I'm seriously craving it.

3 showings this weekend, haven't heard back on any of them. Still contemplating buying a lot of land and starting from scratch as soon as we sell this. who knows, I still love that house we have a contract on. Just not sure if it's the 'one'.

Rug was invited to go to Greece, she is still in the running to have it paid for, but her coach invited her regardless, but we'd have to pay for it. It'd be about $20K for the 4 of us to go there, and that's if we left Mo here. :( which would be hard to do, but what would be harder, lugging her around the Parthenon? Probably. So we are doing tons of searches on Greek tourism, it looks so exciting to me. I of course would have to go to Santorini just cuz Kalki did.

Gotta go, a CT of maxillofacial bones is waiting for me.

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