Thursday, September 25, 2008

even more things.

hey look i'm blogging more than once a month, that's cool right?

just a quick update...we have another showing tonight. this will be 26. Ironically, tomorrow is my 26th birthday. Okay, no it isn't. But it was a nice try. Tonight is the last night I will be closer to 30 than to 40. :(

Next of all, Mo has been so incredibly entertaining as of late. She can sing her ABC's and can at least recognize the letter C due to her recent obsession with Cookie Monster. I mean, he is old school, right? But she is in love. If she had to choose between Elmo and Cookie, I'm not sure what she'd do. Cookie is more her level though, even since he's become more "PC" and eats fewer cookies (he eats veggies now too), he is still pretty non-evolved and I think that's why Mo likes him. It's interesting how some Monsters on Sesame Street have very good vocabulary (Zoe, telly, who is just about the most annoying one on there) yet others have yet to even grasp the idea of first person. (Elmo, Cookie) I guess those folks know what they're doing over there though. Heaven knows it's 10000 better than Dragon tales or Barney.

Okay that was quite a tangent.

I also wanted to mention some song she sings, only in the car, and only when she is revved up. We don't know where it came from, or what it is, but it just sounds like, "WHA-DAY" over and over again, with arm motions, and then some other chorus after the refrain, that is completely unintelligible to all in the car, besides Mo of course. it's hysterical, but I will never get it on video because I'm usually driving and she has never sang it at home, and if you try to sing it, she looks at you as if you have desecrated the National Anthem ala Roseanne.

Last of all, Al scored 4 goals the other night at soccer, her last game of the year for the school, and the score was 4-3 so needless to say she won the game for them. I was SO proud of her, and I told the principal of her school if he saw her in the hallway to give her a pat on the back. Instead, he announced it in front of her WHOLE class, and made them give her a standing ovation. She was beaming when she got home, and I pray and pray she never ever finds out I told him about it!

I've got more work to and and apparently some cleaning to do as we have a showing at 5:30 and I'm sure the house still smells like Smelly Cat.

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