Monday, December 03, 2007

Back in Black

This is the song that was on the radio this morning my children made me TURN DOWN when I was taking them to school. Oh, the horror! Rug said to me, "Aren't you 34? Well you are acting like a 24-year-old!".

Harumph. They'll be telling me to put on a sweater and shut the door, did I grow up in a barn soon enough!

Miss M has mastered the walking business...well, we are calling her Herman Munster because she walks just like she has cement shoes on. The screaming has become an's funny yet ridiculous when I take something away from her she lets out this banshee wail that I know the neighbors have to hear. This morning she had a blow out so severe there was poop on her SHOULDERS. I don't even know how that HAPPENS.

Last week was the Christmas Bazaar, in which I am the Grand Mom-pah of. It went much smoother this year, most likely due to not having been in labor the week before like I was last year. Not a good idea. It is over and all the children have loads of lead-filled items to place under the tree.

So this week it will be very, very difficult for anyone to get me out of my sweats. Well...there is one person...but I'm pretty David Beckham is busy this week.


The Kept Woman said...

Oh my God.

Poop up to her shoulders.


These are things I forgot about...I knew there was a reason that I once swore I was done after two kids.

I shoulda written that stuff down.

Vajana said...

yes but you must have also forgotten the nuzzling. The snuggling. Trust me, the other 2 are 7 and 10, and no snuggling is ever seen from them. just a lot of eye rolling.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well David might be busy. But I'M NOT!!!