Monday, June 25, 2007

Big 10

The 10 days of Al's birthday are over, pretty much. I think she enjoyed of her friend's mom came up to me this weekend and said I was making her look bad, her daughter's birthday is THIS week and she asked if she was getting the '10-day' birthday too!! She said she told her every little detail of the gifts and activities etc, so I must be in with the kids, not so much with the moms. Eh, that's my life. Everyone, always jealous of me and my fabulousness and beauty. It is tough being this wonderful, let me tell you.

I think Al's favorite was the horseback riding, which, even typing it, makes my hips squeal in pain:

That was rough! Her horse kept stopping to eat the leaves, and she was trying to pull him away from it but had too much slack, and me trying to explain this to her while she is literally wigging out was to no avail, so we both were just laughing our heads off. She is such a great kid, I wish I had her as a friend when I was growing up!

Her aunt made her another homemade cake, and as usual it was uber cool:

Then she finished the week with winning 2nd place in a 'fun' soccer tournament, and since it downpoured the entire time, I'd say that was a pretty big accomplishment for us all. Sweaty, tired drenched kids does not a fun bunch make.

This week we will be going to Six Flags where I pray we keep our ankles. Did you read about that?? Barnacles, that is completely nuts. That is the same kind of ride I rode on top of the Stratosphere in Vegas. I believe I will no longer be riding such a ride. Yowza, I'm going to stick to the roller coasters, they are SO much safer...

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