Tuesday, August 08, 2006

MySpace for Dummies

A few years ago, a good college friend of mine invited me join a website to 'stay connected'. I did, just because I rarely talked to her and it was a good way to stay in touch.

Yes, it was Myspace.

Fast forward to now, and that place is like a dance club that stays open later than the other bars and is where everyone goes when they haven't scored yet at the bars they have spent the last 5 hours getting tanked. It's where inhibitions go to die. (if you're familiar with the St. Louis area, Myspace is the "Oz" of the internet. 'Nuf said.) It is a whorehouse. A meat market. Thank Gilligan's Island my daughters are not old enough for it yet. I started blogging here because of it, because a guy messaged me asking me to be 'his' soccer Mom. WTF?

A few weekends ago, LP and I went out with another couple and had a discussion about MySpace. My girl friend was talking about one of her friends who has gotten so caught up in MySpace, you walk in on her and can find 8-10 instant message conversatons going on at one time, all with guys she met on MySpace. Oh and yeah, she is (was) married. MySpace destroyed their marriage.

LP was aghast! He had heard of MySpace but has actually never been on the site. I thought for sure he was kidding, because MySpace is in essence free (albeit soft) porn for all to view. And I know LP. ESPN ain't all he lookies up on the internet.

So yesterday, my sister-in-law emails me with a link to a MySpace page of a guy I knew and unfortunately, I FORMERLY DATED. He was, well, he was dirty. Remember when I said my ex-boyfriend has my name tattooed on his chest? Well this clever ex has a Tasmanian Devil playing HOCKEY on his arm. Oh classy. Yes, I know you are jealous.

LP came home last night and I had to show him the page. Which was a mistake, because I more or less popped his MySpace cherry and he went looking for anyone he could possibly find (just to make fun of, I'm guessing). He discovered, as I did, that most MySpacers are really the people you never want to run into after high school. It is a very small population of 'normal' ones out there.

Later on, I asked LP what he thought of his MySpace experience. He responded, "Well, it doesn't seem too different from blogging, really."

WHAT!!!!!!!!! Shut yo mouth with that talk. I might just go make you get a tattoo of my face on your chest for that one!


Circus Kelli said...

For the record, Jana, I have never asked you to be my soccer Mom, here in the blogworld, nor in real life. :)

sometrouble said...

I agree on your view of myspace. I did eventually set up a page...just to keep in touch with friends from school. I haven't had one message from someone I don't know yet. (Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I plastered my wedding pics all over it) I didn't want to get into it at first...because of exactly what you said. It is really bad. I have a link to my myspace from my blog, but I don't link to my blog from myspace.

Mama C said...

I never even check my myspace account. I've gotten some weird messages, er, propositions.

I agree that it is not like blogging.

kalki said...

I have never been on the MySpace site either. I am officially old. Or un-hip. Or, yeah, both.