Saturday, October 11, 2008

USB- finally found it

As I was cleaning...trying to get rid of some stuff...we have TWO offers on the house right now but still have to go through inspections...if all goes well we may be in the new house by November 10th...but again, I am not holding my breath!

I promised pics so pics you will get!

Balloon Glow

Merely moments before her total breakdown and deciding without hesitation she did NOT like the loud hot air balloons.

OK not the best picture but this shows how close I was to him!!! rick rox! And I am a total dork! But I am proud of it!

is she not just gorgeous in this picture? I adore it.

More to come! I am trying to clean out/organize the basement! All in one day!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Gee, take your time. The work will be there when you get back....

kalki said...

She is gorgeous. As are you. Seriously, you look, like, 21 in those photos!