Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Rain is falling

Well if you read my Twitters, you will find that once again, we are back to square One.

The latest contract is still sort of in effect, but they have no buyer for their house as of right now. The buyers had inspections done and found RADON and cancelled their contract. So, basically here are the steps that must be taken in order for us to move:

1. People need to find a buyer for THEIR house.

2. Need to go through inspections and 'pass' on their house.

3. Must go through inspections on OUR house and 'pass'.

4. House is OK for them to move into, and they want no repairs.

5. Make sure no one else is interested in the house WE want to buy.

6. Close.


I need a beer. That's a lot of hoops to jump through. I need to start watching "Ninja Warrior".

1 comment:

kalki said...

GAH! I'd really been hoping for you... Although, at least you still have a buyer. There are ways to get rid of radon - tell them to get on that superfast so the house switching can begin!