Friday, September 21, 2007


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So we are going TODAY to get one of those big gates to keep from the cat food. It was funny at first, not so much anymore. Especially when we are late for a soccer game and you have dumped the entire cat water bowl on your face.

I love how no matter how crabby you are, Patty Cake will send you giggling in an instant.

Mommy chews a lot of gum, I know, and you find it fascinating. You stick out your tongue in hopes I will do the same, so you can see the amazing wad of stuff i'm gnawing on. Gum, it is quite a wonder.

You laugh all the time. Except when someone is trying to take expensive pictures of you.

10 months is far too close to one year. I'm not ready to give up my baby just yet. So don't get too mad when I'm still cradling you when you're 12.

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Vajana said...

Ha! I just realized she is wearing the same dress as in her 9 month pics. Oh well, it's a cute dress.