Thursday, January 04, 2007

I've Got Something to Say!*

Lots of thoughts are running in my head but I must gather them and organize them first before I spill them out for all to see. So in the future you will get to hear:

* how I spent my New Year's (not real exciting but whatever)
* How I'm going to lose my baby weight and then some
* All about our forthcoming trip to Las Vegas
* What to do for Mardi Gras this year
* How things are going with Miss M
* Soccer, basketball, priests and $800 (they all connect, I assure you)
* What happens when you put a 6-year-old on an electric scooter and point her towards the Christmas Tree

But in the meantime, I have to share two articles I have read this morning that so accurately depict my feelings on things, I almost jumped into my computer screen to hump each one of the authors. There, that should give you a nice mental image huh.

First of all, over at Kami's I got to read a speech by one Mr. Keith Olbermann. I was at more than one party over Christmas (because I'm a partying fool now that I can drink Blue Moons) in which more than one discussion/argument/donnybrook insued regarding the War in Iraq. Keith eloquently explains my feelings on the subject, and I thank him for that, and invite him to the next party I go to. But he has to bring the artichoke dip.

This morning, LP sent me a link to our favorite ESPN writer's article on Mark McGwire, and why he should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. As a Cardinals fan, this issue especially hits home for me (pun sadly and poorly intended). He is so right on when he describes the feeling after the baseball strike, and how Mark & Sammy reignited our love for baseball. We took Al to see him & the Cards in June 1998 on her 1 year birthday, and although he didn't hit a homer that day, you could just feel the excitement when he was up to bat. Do I think he cheated? Well, sort of. But I think the media has cheated him more. I'd vote for him, only if it's because I was there in 1998 and I remember the feeling I got watching him hit that home run to beat Maris' record, and just like Sports Guy says, THAT is what Cooperstown is about. Hell, it's what's baseball is about. And for all of you Chevrolet-loving, John Cougar-loving, My-country loving people out there, it's what America is about.

Alright people! Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.


The Odd Mix said...

Happy New Year! I am back from vacation and working my way around saying, "Hi!"

Kathy said...

hi sugar! Your family is a beaut!

god bless Mark! He's been robbed!