Friday, November 02, 2007

Teething babies ain't for wussies

Everyone in the SayQua household is sick. Papa is congested and everyone in the 10 block radius knows about it. When he is sick, the world comes to a screeching, undeniable halt. Tip toeing on feathers and clouds would not be a good enough route to take when he is trying to sleep.

Rug and Al, both begged Mom this morning to let them stay home, due to the sniffles and what not.

Momma said no way, two tests apiece and I ain't studying for them twice. Get ta school. Off they went.

So, through all of this, Momma has been having some serious intestinal problems which may or may not be treated with chalky pink liquids or just being within 4 feet of a lavaratory at any given moment. So severe, Momma is going to a doctor next week for some testin'.

Aye, but I digress.

Miss M has been the toothless wonder long enough, apparently. She has decided in the past week to sprout not one but THREE teeth, back to back. I'm in teething Hell.

Tonight, after all the other SayQuas had taken their Nyquil and settled down for a long seems-like-winter nap, Miss M starts screaming. Wailing. Squealing. For OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF she screams.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and went into LP's den of wooziness (we were in the living room) and woke him up to tell him I wanted to take her to the hospital.

By the time we got to the couch she was FAST ASLEEP.

Sleeping like a baby, as it were.

Now everyone is asleep. But me.

For the record, if anyone asks in the future, this would be the night my downward spiral into insanity began. Yep.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Be sure to re-read this next spring when everybody's well, and you can show the folks what a trouper you were. Which you were. Are.

The Kept Woman said...

Awwwwwwwww...hope everyone is better soon. I love those toothless babies but they're awfully damn cute when those first few toofies (teeth...) come in!!!

Good luck and welcome to the Funny Farm. I promise you're in good company.

Vajana said...

egads what a weekend! Nothing like posting at 2 a.m. for good reading. Thanks for the psychiatric help you guys, I need it!!!!!